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Amergent Techs, LLC. (Amergent Techs or AT) is a leading provider of high quality products and services to assist your company not only meet regulatory requirements, or program goals, but to move beyond compliance.  AT has expertise in many industries including: Maritime, Transportation, Energy, and Environmental Services.  The AT team can provide personnel or solutions to the most unique challenges.


About Us

Amergent Techs, LLC, (Amergent Techs or AT) is a leading provider of regulatory services in health, safety, security, and environmental services. Amergent Techs was formed in 2005 to provide maritime safety and security services, as well as business continuity specialists to the transportation industry. Today Amergent Techs is operated by safety, security, environmental and engineering experts, and is supported by a mix of resources that range from former US Coast Guard, Captains of the Port, maritime specialists, safety specialists, prior military, maritime security system engineers, and team members with law enforcement backgrounds.  Amergent Techs also provides a complete training and education program in maritime safety, security, emergency response, crisis management and oil and hazardous substance spill response.



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